Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ready for spring!!

I love snow as much as the next person but the cold drives me crazy! So much so that I decided I needed a little spring in my life. So I went to Michaels and gathered all the pretty spring flowers I saw and made myself a spring time arrangement!! It may not fight off the cold but it makes me feel warmer looking at it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We Love Cupcakes!

I have a great recipe for allergy free cupcakes and when the occasion calls for one I'll whip some up and let Isabella have one for a snack or dessert. This night Isabella got a "happy plate" for eating all of her food and therefore got a cupcake for dessert. This was soon followed by a bath...
You've also got to love the shirt!!! Roll Tide!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Blizzard '10

Ok so it wasn't exactly a blizzard but we did get about 3 inches at our house! This time Isabella seemed to enjoy it more, I guess because she is walking now and doesn't have to be face first in it!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Isabella's party

The Birthday Girl!Her new big girl chair...Her 1st pony...Ok, it's not pretty but she can eat it!This is the cupcake cake everyone else can eat...In the birthday dress I made her...She loved opening her presents...

Yummy! Anyone want some?
Her birthday plate that came just in time!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Isabella's invitation

This is Isabella's birthday invitation that I am so proud of!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Isabella!!

It is so hard to believe that my sweet baby girl is 1!! Here is the story of your Birth day Isabella:

In February 2008, your daddy and I found out that I was pregnant with you. Well, we didn't know it was you yet. Other than being tired, I had the best pregnancy! You grew and developed right on time! Every time I went to Dr. Lemons he commented on how great we were doing.

On the morning of June 12, 2008 we found out you were going to be Isabella! We couldn't have been happier!

The night before you were born you made a HUGE turn in my belly!! Little did I know that you were turning your hiney to face down!

On October 30, 2008 I woke up as usual and was about to get ready for work. Then, my water started leaking. I called Dr. Lemons and got ready to go to the hospital. We went to Baptist Montclair. It was a beautiful sunny day! After I got there they went to put a monitor on your head but guess what? It was your hiney they were feeling! You couldn't be born like that so we went to the operating room so they could do a c-section. Everyone was so nice and took very good care of us! C.C.'s friend, Ms. Rhonda, was working at the hospital that day and she picked out the doctor that would give me the medicine so it wouldn't hurt when you were born! There was no mistaking when you arrived because you cried so loudly everyone down the hall could hear you! You were born @ 8:44am weighing 7lbs 7oz and 19 &1/2 inches long. They wrapped you up and brought you to me and when you heard my voice you stopped crying and tried to open your eyes. I had never seen such a beautiful baby! You had the perfect little nose and roundest little head! I was hooked!

You have continued to grow and learn so fast! You are crawling now and pulling up on everything! You babble all the time but only you know what you are saying. You love animals and get very excited when one comes near you. You make silly faces and laugh when we do them back. You now have 8 teeth and love to crunch on puffs. You can hold your sippy cup but you refuse to hold your bottle! When you get sleepy you snuggle so sweetly and lay your head on my shoulder and sing to me. You start my day out very happy because I can come into your room and you're waiting on me with a smile on your face, waiting for me to sing good morning to you. Your daddy and I love you so much and could not imagine our lives without you!

Happy Birthday Angel!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Endeavor

I've started a new craft...wreath making. I started putting one together one night and it turned out well so I made some more. I'm selling some so if anyone is interested let me know! I'll also do some Christmas wreaths and post later.

This one was my 1st and it is on my door...

I made this one for mom...

The picture doesn't do this one justice!! It's much better in person!